Consultation Services to Early Intervention and School Teams

Dr. Quill’s model of consultative services for early intervention and school teams is unique, cost-effective, and produces measurable results.

  • Where: Consultation is offered via WebEx or GotoMeeting. A program needs assessment can be conducted on-site.
  • When: Reduce your waiting time for expert support. Schedule a consultation and receive the support you need at a time that is convenient for your team.
  • How: The consultative model is a 6 step data-based decision making process developed to achieve maximum satisfaction.
    1. Identify General Goal: Identify what we want to achieve
    2. Assess Team's Needs: Assess the scope of the problem to solve or knowledge desired
    3. Eveluate General Goal: Modify goal based on needs assessment
    4. Identify Specific Objectives: List specifice objectives to achieve goal with measurable criteria for success
    5. Create Plan: Establish a format and time-line for the team to receive and understand the resouorces needed to acheive the objectives
    6. Evaluate: Determine when plan is complete and consultation is discontinued
  • Contact Dr. Quill to request a program consultation.




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